Do You Not Have a Girlfriend?

He's Just Not That Into You


You know them. The kind of bloke that needs reminding because he completely ‘forgets’ he has a girlfriend or rather is well aware that he does but chooses to ignore it on a night out or weekend away.

Everybody knows about her but for some odd reason they can’t bring themselves to mention her name or acknowledge her existence.

Just be grateful you’re not her. Imagine being that girl –  sitting at home picking a nice filter for your cute, little couple’s selfie, meanwhile your bloke is out partying like;

-“What Girlfriend?”


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So Like… Where is This Going?

Four words every commitment-phobe dreads – “Where is this going?” It’s the opening line to that awkward conversation that no one wants to have.


It’s the defining moment of a relationship where one person(usually the girl, let’s be honest) wants to label/title what you’re doing. You’ve managed to avoid the conversation up until now, because it could potentially ruin what you have going on. Some people are happy to just go with the flow but after a while one of you will want some consistency. In the movie ‘That Awkward Moment‘ –  Zac Efron refers to this situation as the ‘so moment’. He says nothing good ever follows the ‘so’…


He’d be right too.

This ‘so’ talk will decide whether you’re moving forward… or moving on!

Examples of the ‘So’:

So… what are we doing here?

So… where is this going?

So… are we in a relationship?

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When Your Non-Committer Finally Commits (to someone else)

Collage (34)

Yes! Really.

Cast your mind back there to THAT episode of Sex And The City when Carrie meets Big after he returns from Paris. Not only has he got a new girlfriend(Natasha) but they’re also engaged.

Why is it a big deal? Well Carrie and Big stopped dating because….wait for it… he said he had “commitment issues”. Oh the irony.  Seriously though, what an absolute kick in the face.

So what can you do if this happens? Absolutely nothing. But before you do nothing, you’ll wreck your brains wondering ‘why her?’. Don’t bother, it’ll get you nowhere.

Let’s go back to that S.A.T.C episode. So, Carrie obsesses over Natasha and how composed she is and how neat her hair is etc. No doubt if there was Facebook back when S.A.T.C was on air she would have been stalking her profile like a crazed lunatic, because let’s be real – women are a bit mad.

Suddenly, Carrie has an epiphany. Just like Katie with Hubbell in the classic movie  ‘The Way We Were’, her hair was wild and she was just too complicated  for a man like Big. Hubbell couldn’t be with Katie for the same reasons so he leaves her and marries someone simpler. The fact of the matter is that the world is made up of two types of girls. The simple girls with neat, straight hair and the Katie girls, with messy, curly hair.

And some of us are just Katie girls.

Carrie and Big
Carrie and Big

Let’s be honest, most men just want a hassle free life. Sure who doesn’t really. So some of them choose quiet, agreeable girls. Purely because it makes for an easy relationship. Sure who are we to argue with that? Each to their own and all that.

So what can you do? As I said already; nothing.

But here’s a few DO’S and DON’T’S just for good measure.


1. Stalk her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Find something better do to with your time. Seriously.

2. Sit at home and eat Ice-Cream. Getting  fat is not going to help the situation.

3. Be that girl who calls up the new girlfriend to ‘warn her’ of the type of man she is getting involved with. Don’t do that….. Don’t be bitter……… Just don’t.


1. Get over it and move on.

2. Accept that maybe you just weren’t the right one for them. Maybe they were just never sure of you.

3. Watch ‘500 days Of Summer’  then refer to point 1.

500 Days Of Summer
500 Days Of Summer

P.S  I’ve always found plain and simple to be quite boring.