bridget jones shopping

Swapping nights at bars

For Tesco clubcards

Goodbye disco bopping

My weekend’s dedicated to shopping

Trawling the aisles and feeling that thrill

“3 for 10” she says at the till.

Wait as those points get added to your bill.


But when did I get old?


The joy that comes from a tidy house

And a happily fed spouse

Hair up in a bun

Swapping mornings in the sun

Just to get the washing done

“Great day for drying”

When did I become no fun?


Preparing lunches for the week

Getting a decent night’s sleep

Knowing grown up things like;

“Eggs are cheaper by the dozen”

Or the satisfaction of a spanking clean oven



At the end of the day when all is done

And there’s no clothes left to fold

And no one else to scold

Peer out the curtains at the noisy kids on the road

“Tut Tut…. so bold”

When did I get so old?