Do You Not Have a Girlfriend?

He's Just Not That Into You


You know them. The kind of bloke that needs reminding because he completely ‘forgets’ he has a girlfriend or rather is well aware that he does but chooses to ignore it on a night out or weekend away.

Everybody knows about her but for some odd reason they can’t bring themselves to mention her name or acknowledge her existence.

Just be grateful you’re not her. Imagine being that girl –  sitting at home picking a nice filter for your cute, little couple’s selfie, meanwhile your bloke is out partying like;

-“What Girlfriend?”





Where’s Your Girlfriend?

You’ve seen them in a club with other girls and they’ve even tried it on with you at one stage. They have a girlfriend, no doubt about it. You may not know her personally but you know she exists and you can’t help but pity her. A part of you wants to call her up and let her know the kind of dude she’s with but you should NEVER EVER go there. This is not your place.


Some girls are so blinded by their relationship that it would turn into a ‘shoot the messenger’ job and you’ll be accused of being jealous and trying to break them up…. so don’t even bother.  They will find a way of twisting it around and making it your fault. So you might think you’re doing the right thing by being all girl power-esque and sticking up for your fellow woman but it will blow up in your face 9 times out of 10.

One part of you wants to put her wise, but the other part doesn’t want to be responsible for breaking her heart. She will come to her own conclusion in time.

Don’t involve yourself. You’re probably not the first… and you probably won’t be the last!


Sorry Not Sorry?

Cheaters are all about the “I’m sorry”. But are they actually sorry or are they sorry their girlfriend found out?

It’s amazing some of the things they will say to try and get away with their misadventures.

Props to the lads that just admit that they’ve been playing around or at least make a bit of effort when lying about the situation. They might use drink as an excuse(not that it ever is) or better yet say that the girl came on to them… but sure at least they’re a bit creative.

It’s better than the fool that stands there saying they actually can’t remember if they did cheat or not… Like really?

In the words of Binky from Made In Chelsea.




It may take weeks, months or even years but the shit always hits the fan in the end.  Until it does you’d like to think they’d be riddled with guilt(and who knows what else) but realistically it possibly doesn’t even cross their minds again.

It’s also likely that most of their mates are up to the same thing and ‘guy code’ means that none of them can ever rat each other out.

But remember – Ireland is a small country and Dublin’s even smaller.


Why Do They Do It?

There is no 5 point list here.

There is one simple reason: Because they can.

Maybe they’ve done it before and gotten away with it and maybe their girlfriends keep taking them back. It’s easy to call someone a fool for staying with a cheat but you can’t judge people for their decisions. They have their reasons and you don’t how you would really react in that situation. As the saying goes ‘we’re all fools in love’.

To be fair maybe she’s the type of girl that knows exactly what’s going on but chooses to turn a blind eye. Sure she could be out doing the same thing. Girls are just as bad. Who knows what kind of weird arrangements people have going on in their relationships.



Moral of the story: Walk away and don’t get involved with this one. If he will cheat with you… he will cheat on you.


One thought on “Do You Not Have a Girlfriend?

  1. I wish you were around in 2003 to tell me this. Lost a friend for a few years because I got all girl power-esque and told her that her fella tried it on. It was not pretty! We’re good again tg! Brilliant job, keep it up!! X

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