Valentine’s Day And The Single Girlo.


The supposed most romantic day of the year is fast approaching and you’re still single. It’s the one day of the year that you actually wish you had someone, right? Not really. Valentine’s Day is great for single people – no sarcasm intended.

Think about it, more than likely someone in your family takes pity on you (usually your mother) and sends you a Valentine’s card from a ‘secret admirer’ then denies down to the ground it was them. People feeling sorry for you means you are bombarded with flowers, teddies and numerous boxes of chocolates. You wouldn’t clean up like this if you were in a relationship. Having played for both teams, it’s safe to say single people definitely get the better deal here.

Lads are fairly predictable when it comes to V-Day. They gather their mates and head out to a club assuming it’s the easiest night of the year to pick up a lady, because in their heads all women are desperate on Valentine’s Day. Fools. Women are desperate most weekends if you know where to look – *Coppers cough cough*.

On Valentine’s Day, there are usually three types of ‘single girlo’.

1. The Planner.


You have to keep yourself busy on the big day because not having plans is just unacceptable. You don’t want people to think you’re a loser, so you gather your single friends and make an effort to do something ‘special’ so as not to feel left out on love day. Even if all your girlfriends are busy with their boyfriends you have no problem spending the evening with a friend of a friend who you heard was also single and looking to keep themselves occupied. Not desperate at all. Because anything would be better than sitting in alone. God forbid.

2. The Cynic.


When people ask you about Valentine’s Day you tell them it’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick set up by the card and chocolate companies to make money. You’ll then go on to say that if two people really love each other then it’s ridiculous that they only show it once a year, they should be showing their love everyday blah blah blah. On Facebook you quietly slate all your friends who are uploading pictures of their bunches of roses and their Michael Kors watches and/or handbags, and let’s not forget the generic MAC voucher gift. Same thing is happening over on Twitter and Instagram, where on the 14th of February the phrase ‘#Luckygirl’ becomes the most overused word in the world. Give it a rest love, you’ll be back out cheating on your bloke next weekend.

3. The Hopeless Romantic. 


The best kind of ‘single girlo’. There’s something about this lovely day that makes you think that anything can happen. There’s magic in the air everywhere you go. Seeing couples doesn’t make you sad, you feel happy around people in love. You hope it will be you someday. You can’t help but smile at the man walking through town with the big bunch of flowers for his wife. It’s comforting knowing romance isn’t dead, even if it does take a dedicated day to bring it out in people. You sit at home and gravitate towards every romantic movie on TV. No you don’t have a boyfriend, but maybe someone who secretly likes you will spontaneously show up at your door with a big, giant teddy bear and flowers. More than likely they won’t but sure a girl can dream.

For your enjoyment, here is the most obvious ‘single girlo’ song to see us out.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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