You’re So Vain, I Bet You Think….

…This Blog Is About You?

Nah it’s not really but sure if the shoe fits, feel free to lace it up and wear it.


We all know someone who thinks there is simply no one on this planet as amazing as they are, and I’m not talking about the girls.

There is nothing wrong with male grooming and wanting to look your best but when they’re uploading more ‘selfies’ than Kim Kardashian and checking their reflection in the back of their mirrored iPhone cover, it’s a bit too much.

Worse than that though? The arrogance and cockiness that comes along with it. Nothing worse than having to sit there and listen to them talk about how they can get V.I.P. in any club in Dublin.

Give it a rest pal you’re not Jay-Z – tweeting a nightclub and asking for a table does not mean you have ‘connections’.

7 Sign’s He’s Too Cocky To Deal With.

1. He’s Just So Good At His Job. 

Yes it’s great that they actually have a job. But if he can’t stop bragging about how much money he makes or how everyone in the office could do with being more like him – get out now. Because next thing you know he’ll be ‘advising’ you on your career and yep… telling you how you can be more like him. What is it he does again?

2. Gym Selfie Lad.

We all know this one. He can’t go to the gym without telling Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and probably LinkedIn too. He uploads the classic ‘here I am at the gym’ mirror selfie at least 3 times a week and let’s not forget the classic status about how tough ‘leg day’ was. We get it mate, you go the gym. Well done.

3. Mr. ‘Grey Goose’.

He’s too cool to queue for drinks at the bar on a Saturday night. He won’t put on his blazer for anything less than a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. Nothing but the best to impress the ladies. Listen, the ladies don’t care if it’s Grey Goose or Glenn’s vodka from Tesco. We’re just happy it’s vodka.

4. 99 Problems… All Bitches!

Drama, drama, drama. He is constantly having problems with the girls. His life is just so tough. They all fancy him and he just can’t find the time to evenly spread himself amongst the lot. What with his big, important job and going to the gym there are simply not enough hours in the day. Cry me a river.


5. Mr. Cultured.

He’s spent a year in Australia on a working visa – him, and the rest of the country. He claims he knows everything there is to know about the big, bad world. He just wants to tell you how much better life is outside Ireland. Oh yeah why is it you came back again?

6. ”Dunno yet babe, we’ll see closer to the time yeah?”

He’d like to see you at the weekend but he’s just so busy. He has to see what he’s doing first. This one is waiting for a more fabulous, more exciting plan to come along. He genuinely believes his life is that great. When the big, ‘fabulous’ plan fails to manifest itself, he’ll panic text you, assuming you are ”still free yeah?”. Nope.

7. He Has Something Bad To Say About Everyone.

He hears a name and immediately associates the word ‘ slut’ or ‘d**khead’ with it. Your friends, his friends, he doesn’t hold back. He has a story he could tell you about everyone. He builds himself up by putting other people down. Stay away from this one. If he can talk like this about other people to you, you can be sure he’ll talk about you to other people.

No man can get away with any of these traits, unless of course he’s Chuck Bass…… who’s not real! But here’s a picture of his glorious face anyway.

Collage (80)


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