The Friend Zone!


Some say there is no such thing as the friend zone and that it is just an excuse men use to deal with being rejected by a lady pal. However, last year the term ‘friend zone’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, so therefore it’s a real thing.

The ‘friend zone’ is the term used to describe the platonic relationship between two people in which one of them wishes for something on a more romantic level, but the other just wants to be chums. Think Jacob with Bella in Twilight, although no girl in her right mind would ever friend zone that glorious boy!

An example of something you might hear in the friend zone…


Other lines commonly used

‘I love you……like a brother/sister’.

‘You’re the only real friend I have, let’s not ruin it’.

‘You’re a really nice guy, anyone(else) would be lucky to have you’.

‘It’s not you….I’m just not ready to date at the moment'(out with your best mate the following weekend).

You don’t necessarily make a decision to friend zone someone. Sometimes you can do it subconsciously and sometimes you just prefer the person as a friend. Simple as that.

A lot of guys go around with the notion that they have been friend-zoned by a particular girl, but have never actually told the girl how they feel because they just assume it’s not going to be reciprocated.

Never assume, if you don’t ask you will never know.

Then there’s always the chance that actually, you both like each other but both think you are being friend-zoned. Very unfortunate situation.  Best thing to do there would be to get drunk and say something. If the other party doesn’t mention it the next day, say no more and pretend it never happened. Drunk people get away with things like that all the time.

Guys who find themselves in the friend zone also believe they suffer from ‘Nice Guy Syndrome’. They believe they are too nice to girls and that is why they are never interested. They think most girls want a bad boy and then opt for the ‘treat em’ mean, keep em’ keen’ approach. This often works in their favour and then the girl comes running back.

Women are very complicated and never really know what they want until they know what it is they can’t have.

My Best Friend's wedding

The friend zone is actually quite sexist because you rarely hear of a guy friend-zoning a girl, at least not before he sleeps with her and thus leading her to believe that they are more than friends. That is where the lines get blurred and suddenly you’re staring down the barrel of a ‘friends with benefits’ situation, which is a whole other ball game(no pun intended).

Moral of the story – there is no harm in telling someone how you feel. Sure it worked out well for these two!



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